About The Artist

At first glance there’s little in Patty Weaver’s biography to suggest she would become a painter. She enjoyed extraordinary success as an actress for over three decades on TV in Days of Our Lives and The Young and The Restless. She has also taken the stage as a singer and opened for many Hollywood legends. None of these art forms prepared her in any obvious way for a next career as a painter.

Someone with her energy and drive cannot stop creating after a lifetime in front of the camera and on the stage. When Patty separated from acting, she found the time and space to be alone with her thoughts. As a cerebral hermit, the imagination she used to create characters allowed her to see images.

The force of these images was too strong to let them dissipate. Despite formal training, Patty leaned on her own visions and willingness to make mistakes and learn painting skills alone in her studio. She plunged into a frenzy of work, eventually creating a vocabulary of marks and images mature enough to share with the world.

Paul Morris, Art Consultant/Private Dealer and Founding Director of the Armory Show, N.Y.C. has stated “Patty’s works are thickly painted at times and the paint goes down with rough visceral strokes that are sincere and deeply felt. Patty is in many ways an outsider artist. She did not set out to be a painter but after living for decades in the fictionalized scenery of the film industry, she could not help but continue in some way to live in her dreams.”